Epic Maple Burl Series:

Completed Summer2018

Epic Maple Burl Series In-Progress:

Winter 2018

EMB  lowG Tenor Ukulele

EMB No. 4 of 5 Red Pine Top

lowG Tenor Ukulele


Strings of Joy No.2

The Epic Maple Burl Series of Five

Wood Sculpture You Play.  Emphasis on WOOD.  This    No.2 Artistic Study that asks the question , "What happens if you return to Traditional Guitar Forms, even vintage 1918 Martin 1-14 forms, and push the idea that guitars are a forest product clean off the deep end".  Guitars, by and large, are made out of wood. I  like to image these instruments grew as fruit from an enchanted maple tree.  The Epic Maple Burl Series embraces and exaggerates that idea. Over-the-Top Burl rosettes, bridges, heels, tails, sides and zippers. Because I am curious. Because I can and I might learn a new thing. What then is the effect of all this "woodsy" excess and exaggeration on the traditional guitar voice. Emil Ernebro, world class finger-style guitar player answers the question from Gothenburg Park, Sweden. Click youtube link above. Just Wow! One brain science thing I know for fact, if you like what you are looking at, you will like the way it sounds. BETTER. Than if you don't  :)

Small Jumbo Guitar

EMB No. 5 of 5 Sitka Spruce Top

Small Jumbo Venetian Cut-Away

LR Braggs SL Anthem Pickup

EMB No.3/5 Sound Check by World Class   Finger-style Player Emil Ernebro

This is my 15 minute, rather chatty "Friends & Family" movie version of Emil's concert in Gothenburg Park. Published here for that short list of folks that graciously and willingly indulge me in such matters :) Thank you my peeps!

Three Epic Maple Burl Parlor Guitars

EMB No. 1 of 5 Cedar Top

EMB No. 2 of 5 Sitka Top

EMB No.3 of 5 Red Pine Top

Winter Progress Photo

1918 Martin #1-18 Parlor

1918 Martin #1-18 Parlor

1918 Martin #1-18 Parlor

Winter Progress Photo