Strings of joy no.1

2017:  The Cubist Series of Four

Wood Sculpture You Play.  Emphasis on SCULPTURE. This No.1 Artistic Study asks the question, "What is the effect of Non-Traditional Guitar Forms on the Traditional Guitar Voice."  By the way, the answer is not what you think.

As a result of this exercise, I have stopped judging the voice of an instrument as having "good or bad" tone. I have also lost interest in building multiple copies of identical guitar models, that all sound the same with toxic, reflective, grain concealing, difficult to maintain and repair, high gloss finishes. I am moving on with delight, appreciating each and every Instrument as one of a kind. Each one singing with it's own Voice. Each one projecting it's own Tone. Each one completely and authentically Unique. There is no choice in the matter. Confident, The Old Guitarist's guitar sounds EXACTLY as it should and must. One brain science thing I know for fact, if you like what you are looking at, you will like the way it sounds. BETTER. Than if you don't  :)

Featured on the cover of American Lutherie No.133 Spring 2018 issue

For a Voice comparison of each Cubist guitar, click the YouTube link. You will see me playin", in sequence, the same fabulous "Victoria Guitar Shop Diddy"  :)

If you are interested to see more SOUND CHECK videos; click the box below. Eight additional full length sound check videos are posted for the guitars currently in stock and ready For Sale.